I carried out the majority of my studies in my home country, Aotearoa (New Zealand), at the University of Auckland (UoA). After completing my BSc with Honours in medicinal chemistry, I continued into a PhD in chemistry under the supervision of Dame Prof. Margaret Brimble, focusing on peptide synthesis and modification. During my PhD, I spent some time abroad in the Netherlands working with Prof. Gerard Roelfes at the Univeristy of Groningen where I expanded my knowledge of photo- and enzymatic-catalysis for the modification of biomolecules. 


Whilst preparing for my PhD defense, I began working with Prof. Nina Hartrampf and her team at the University of Zurich using flow chemistry for peptide and protein synthesis. 


Outside of the lab, I enjoy travelling, hiking, and rock climbing (COVID-permitting, of course!). I also hope to find some volunteering opportunities to participate in while living here in beautiful Switzerland.




Room Y 32 G 68